Wildly Blended Freeze-Dried Treats are made in-house and in small batches. It is my mission to provide high-quality treats at an affordable price. So, I source locally whenever possible. Not only does this help me give back to my community and support small family farms, but it also helps me pass on savings to you.

I have developed a strenuous vetting process for all food sources before I am willing to add them to Wildly Blended for your pets. All sources must meet humane and ethical farming and harvesting practices. The animals must be kept on a biologically-appropriate diet for their particular species, free from GMOs, antibiotics, and hormones, and raised in appropriate environments.

I have personally visited every local farm that I source from. I’ve met with the farmers and toured their farms. I have done my due diligence to ensure every source meets my standards and will provide your pet with a high-quality, nutritious snack!

Hello! In order to catch up on current orders, we will be closed from Friday, September 11 to Tuesday, September 15. We will reopen on Wednesday, September 16. Thank you for your patience!

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