All Wildly Blended topicals are formulated using high-quality USDA Certified Organic ingredients—each one specially selected for its unique healing qualities.

When developing the products, I wanted the ingredients to not only be effective for their intended purpose, but I also wanted to ensure that they were safe! It’s nearly impossible to keep some pets from licking hotspots or inflamed paws. So, it’s imperative that all topicals are safe if ingested. What goes on our pets is just as important as what goes in our pets. 

When choosing ingredients, I was careful to omit essential oils from products that are intended for use on or near the face and nose. Our pets have an incredible sense of smell, and even the smallest amount of essential oil can cause a reaction or sensitivity. If essential oils are used, I ensure they are safe for our pets and are properly diluted.

Wildly Blended topicals are not only safe and gentle for pets, they’re safe for humans too!

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