All Wildly Blended supplements are custom. What does this mean? I provide a service! I have done extensive research on whole foods and herbs in order to ensure I use the proper ingredient for its intended purpose. All sourced ingredients are of the highest quality, USDA Certified Organic, and minimally processed.

All supplements are mixed by hand and made in small batches. This means that if there is a specific ingredient in one of my pre-made supplements that does not work well with your dog or cat, I can simply omit or substitute it with another ingredient of similar qualities and/or nutritional benefits. ​

At Wildly Blended, you do not simply purchase a supplement. Instead, you have a partner in your pet’s health. I am always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Your happiness is guaranteed!

Please note:

Our Custom Supplement has been temporarily removed from our shop in order to allow Kinnlee to catch up on orders and reduce our turn around time. However, we promise it will be back soon!

Hello! In order to catch up on current orders, we will be closed from Friday, September 11 to Tuesday, September 15. We will reopen on Wednesday, September 16. Thank you for your patience!

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