Whole Quail Hatchlings

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Perfect for small dogs and cats!

These 1-day-old hatchlings are locally sourced from Twisted Quail Acres. They were produced from adult birds that are fed 26% game bird feed; rendering a very low fat content.

These hatchlings are humanely dispatched by cervical dislocation.

All hatchlings are individually hand washed in organic apple cider vinegar and rinsed. A small incision on the inner groin area is made to ensure the insides fully dry.

Freeze-dried for optimum nutrition.

For intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

Ingredients: quail

Net Quantity 5 Pieces

2 reviews for Whole Quail Hatchlings

  1. Judy

    My first time my pup had these and he went NUTS for them! I am always waiting on a restock on these 🙂

  2. Max and Jax

    My dogs go nuts for these! Love treating them to such natural, healthy, biologically appropriate snacks!!

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