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Directions: Spray directly onto affected area 2-3 times a day and distract. Avoid contact with eyes. If the affliction is near the eyes or nose, it is recommended to spray onto a clean cotton ball first and then apply it to the area. Healing Potion is preservative free. Best if stored in the refrigerator. If applying to an open wound, bring to room temperature before applying.

No need to worry about licking! While it is best to limit wound licking, if it happens, there is no cause for concern. Rest assured, Healing Potion is safe if consumed!

Ingredients: organic helichrysum, organic yarrow, distilled water (by-product from distillation)

Storage: keep in the refrigerator for maximum shelf life.

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Buyers Beware: Sometimes, water simply blended with essential oils is sold as floral waters or improperly classified as hydrosols. The first ingredient in a true hydrosol should be the plant, not distilled water. Although there are benefits to using fake hydrosols, they lack the therapeutic benefits true hydrosols offer. 

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5 reviews for Healing Potion

  1. Alex

    My pup busted his bottom lip enough so there was a decent sized scratch. I was worried about how well it was healing since it was constantly wet. I started applying On Guard to his bottom lip 1-2 times a day and noticed an improved difference within 24 hours. Definitely gave me the peace of mind that I needed while he healed.

  2. Sarah (verified owner)

    I used this on my dogs carpal pads that were super dry & cracked, the healing potion did just that & now they look & feel healthy again! Love this stuff along with the Hydration balm. Quality safe ingredients that really work!

  3. Janiffer

    This incredible product has helped all my dogs with healing with they get enthusiastic with the biting and scratching. Truly been a huge difference.

  4. Lucy Ovalle (verified owner)

    I am just wowed at how amazing the healing potion is! I saw significant improvement on my dogs hot spot and irritated skin within a few days of using it. I love that it’s such a clean and safe product too. Highly recommend.

  5. Kathleen D (verified owner)

    This serum is literally magical. Wounds heal so quickly. I even use this on my own cuts. My favorite use is on my dog’s hot spots or areas that he lost fur from allergies. I noticed that his fur grew back faster too. It is definitely a must have for our dog first aid kit.

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