Goat Tripe


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Our pastured goat tripe is locally sourced from a small family farm, located in Salina, Oklahoma. Hidden Heights Farm ethically and naturally raises their livestock to ensure high quality and nutrient dense meat.

Goat tripe is packed full of digestive enzymes and probiotics. It’s an excellent source of highly bioavailable protein and contains impressive amounts of vitamin B12, selenium, and zinc.

Our goat tripe is hand cut, in small batches, and freeze dried for optimum nutrition.

**Goats do not render much meat. It would take a lot of lives to mass produce this product. For this reason, our tripe is a Limited Stock item. We will only dispatch a handful of goats per year.

For supplemental or intermittent feeding only.

Ingredients: goat tripe

Net Weight 1 OZ (28.3g)


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