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Our pastured goat hides are locally sourced from a small family farm, located in Salina, Oklahoma. Hidden Heights Farm ethically and naturally raises their animals, ensuring high quality and nutrient dense meat.

Our freeze dried goat hide chews are never rolled, braided or dehydrated to ensure safety. They’re great for incorporating fur into the diet. Feed it as a treat or chew, or simply add it to their food bowl.

This is a TRULY raw rawhide. No machine or hand scraping, and no dehydrating, as dehydrating changes the composition of the hide to mimic leather (the only difference is that leather undergoes the tanning process), which is very difficult to digest.

This chew will re-hydrate as your pet chews, and goes back to its raw form. Fur is mostly indigestible, and will act as insoluble fiber. This can help to sweep the digestive tract of bacteria and food fragments.

This item is to be given with supervision and fed intermittently.

Our hides are hand cut, hand washed several times in organic apple cider vinegar, and rinsed. They are freeze dried to ensure a safe chewing experience.

**Although the hides are hand washed several times, some remnants of hay/straw may be embedded in the fur.

*Our goat hides are a Limited Stock item, as goats do not render much meat. It would take many lives to produce mass quantities of this product, therefore, we will only dispatch a handful of goats per year.

*Disclaimer: unless you have a toy breed or cat, this chew will most likely not last a long time as it is essentially raw.


For supplemental or intermittent feeding only.

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