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Most canine and feline diets are deficient in nutrients, are pre-cooked, and lack variety. Consequently, our pets are lacking, leading to a decline in health and a shorter life span.

For thousands of years, vegetables, fruits, and herbs have been used for holistic remedies. They contain essential vitamins, minerals, and healing properties that are necessary for proper function. Daily preventative maintenance is vital when promoting and preserving optimum health.

I develop my supplements with explicit ingredients that target your pet’s current health conditions, allergies, medications, nutritional gaps, and breed-specific genetic disorders. My whole food, plant-based supplements are individually formulated for your pet. No two blends are the same.

My supplements provide a convenient approach to fulfilling nutritional gaps and promoting overall health and well-being.

​When I create your custom supplement, I formulate it to YOUR pet’s needs. Filling out the questionnaire as accurately as possible allows me to choose the very best ingredients that will provide optimum nutrition and effectiveness. I create a profile for your pet(s) where all their information is stored, including their medical records, blood work analysis, medication list, health conditions, allergies, etc. This information is vital in tracking your pet’s health, and lets me make adjustments, if need be, down the road.

How it Works

​Complete the questionnaire to the best of your ability. Upload any pertinent medical documentation, as this will allow me to make sure the ingredients will not have any negative interactions with current or past medications. I will research the breed, any current health conditions, allergies, medications, etc. and formulate a supplement based on the information you provide. You will receive a PDF document of all ingredients used in the blend, as well as what each ingredient provides for your pet.

Prep Work

​There is none! I do the research, formulating and blending! Just dose it out into your dog or cat’s food bowl and watch their health blossom!

Email Support

​Some dogs and cats are picky eaters, and may not take to the blend. Don’t fret! I will provide you with the support you need! I have many tricks up my sleeve for those silly food snobs. I am here to answer any questions or concerns you might have and to help you with any adjustments you might need.

Development Time

There is a 15-20 BUSINESS day turn around time. This allows me to do the proper research, hand select the ingredients, wash and dry them if needed, formulate the supplement, and build your Pet Portal.

​One request form per pet. If you have more than one pet that you would like a custom supplement for, you will need to complete a request form for each pet, up to two pets.

If you have three or more pets you want a supplement for, please contact me directly to request a discounted group formulation quote.

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