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Our flea and tick supplement is unlike anything else on the market. Our unique, proprietary formula contains the highest quality, human-grade, organic ingredients that provide safe, yet effective, protection against fleas, ticks, and other insects.

Our powder not only repels insects, but provides support for healthy skin, coat, and heart function, boosts the immune system, and supports the liver and kidneys by ridding the body of toxins.

This powder will slowly alter the scent of your pet, making it undesirable to insects, but unnoticeable to humans. A healthy immune system creates an inhospitable environment for insects and parasites, making it less likely for them to take up residence in and on your pet.

Directions: Simply feed daily for a solid month. Once the supplement has had time to build up in the system, you can start to take a break once to twice a week. This keeps the body from getting used to the supplement and reducing its effectiveness over time, much like with any other supplement or medication. If you are still seeing pests on and around your pet, you can safely double the dosage. All living beings metabolize foods differently. While one dog may do well on the recommended dosage, another may do better once it’s doubled. 

Bug Off is best paired with a topical spray, such as our Bug Off Spritz, for added protection! We offer 3 different scents to choose from; all organic and safe for humans too! Head to our Organic Topical section to choose the scent that suits you!


organic nettle, organic apple cider vinegar, organic fennel, organic wheat grass, organic alfalfa, organic watercress, organic rosemary, organic sage, organic dill, organic basil, organic lavender, organic black pepper, organic cayenne pepper

Feeding Instructions: Mix with a meal once per day (based on a 1/4 teaspoon scoop). You can safely double the dose during peak flea and tick season.

  • Dogs:
    • Up to 20 pounds: 1 scoop
    • 21 – 40 pounds: 2 scoops
    • 41 – 60 pounds: 3 scoops
    • 61 – 80 pounds: 4 scoops
    • 80+pounds: 5 scoops

WARNING: For canine use only. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Consult with your veterinarian before starting any new regimen, especially if your pet is on medication. Not intended for pregnant or lactating dogs.

Please ask to omit rosemary if your pet has a history of epilepsy or seizures.

Alfalfa contains coumarin and vitamin K which can make it effective as an anti-coagulant. Because of this, caution should be used with animals with anemia.

Benefits of Bug Off:

  • High in protein and iron
  • Supports kidney and liver function
  • Helps suppress seasonal allergies
  • Helps expel intestinal worms
  • Contains antiseptic, antiviral, and antibacterial properties which help support a healthy immune system
  • Watercress is one of the most nutrient-dense leafy greens: containing more Vitamin C than an orange, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, and more folate than bananas

Net Wt. 4 OZ (113.4g)

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9 reviews for Bug Off for Dogs

  1. Angela Spinzig

    I absolutely swear by this product. I love that I can keep my dogs insect-free without giving them a pesticide-filled drug. I’ve used this product for months, at the height of flea and tick season, and have no had a single bug on either of my dogs. This product is worth its weight in gold!

  2. Mila Farmer

    I started using this supplement about a month ago after trying all sorts of different options to keep ticks off my dog. This is the only thing that has worked and I have found no ticks on my dog while using this supplement, compared to pulling off 3+ a day on other flea/tick preventative and Seresto collars. I’m so glad I gave this a try!

  3. Hahnbee Choi

    Best flea and tick powder I have ever used! It is an herb powerhouse!

  4. Alex (verified owner)

    Lots of flea medications are sketchy, let’s be honest. I’ve seen too many animals react poorly to medicated topicals, and pills even though effective are often expensive and can be a hassle to administer.

    The first time I received Bug Off was via a contest. I put off using it for a while….until I noticed a flea on my dog. Living in Central Texas, especially in the spring it’s flea central. I immediately started adding this to my boy’s food, and the rest is history. They love it. I love it. I bought another tub of it. It lasts a long time, and I used 7 scoops a day between my dogs.

    If you’re looking for a healthier way to keep bugs off your companions, this is it!

  5. Kristen Hanna (verified owner)

    Best flea and tick powder on the market and so healthy for my dogs and my client’s dogs!!

  6. Laurie

    This stuff is amazing! I absolutely love that i can give my large, elderly, arthritic dog something that is chemical free! Thank you!

  7. Wendy Vaughan

    Love this product so much! Was looking for a natural flea and tick treatment for my dog and this is it! I have yet to find a single one of either on her and it also appears to repel mosquitos from her too. I used to see them swarm her body and now I don’t. Yay for natural products for our fur babies!

  8. Michelle

    This stuff legitimately works! I had been using it on one of our dogs all summer with great success and, when I stopped giving it after I thought it was too cold out for fleas/ticks, I found a flea on her and immediately started giving it again for a few weeks and didn’t find any others after that. We also recently brought home a new dog and I had found some fleas on him and, once he was put on Bug Off, he was flea-free! Amazing product!! One tub lasts a while too—for one dog at 3 scoops/day, it lasts me about 50 days.

  9. Kathleen Perreault

    I saw you on Hidden Heights. I’ve had problems with fleas on my dogs since moving to Florida 18 years ago. I have tried so many different things to get rid of the fleas and nothing has worked. I’m going to try Bug Off for dogs now.

    My question is do you make Bug Off for goats?

    I thank you for your bravery in your service to the military and I thank you for giving us the freedom we live in.

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