Wildly Blended has partnered with The Jakoba Shop to bring you official Wildly Blended merch! To order, click the button below.

While you’re over there, you can stock up on non-toxic scented candles, handmade bandanas, and custom hand-stamped dog tags!

Livvy Layne

Wildly Blended has partnered with another local company to bring you handmade animal-themed earrings.

These earrings are made with hypo-allergenic metal. They’re light weight, and crafted using durable faux (and sometimes real) leather. You’ll hardly even notice you’re wearing them, but everyone else surely will!

Hello! In order to catch up on current orders, we will be closed from Friday, September 11 to Tuesday, September 15. We will reopen on Wednesday, September 16. Thank you for your patience!

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