Welcome to our education page for Bug Off! If you’re interested in learning HOW our approach for flea and tick prevention is different, read on!

It may be shocking to discover that conventional flea and tick medications DO NOT prevent fleas, ticks and mosquitoes from landing on and biting your pet. These medications simply attempt to kill the insect before transmission can occur. It’s not the fail-safe method many are led to believe and transmittable diseases can still occur!

However, taking a holistic approach to flea and tick prevention can be a bit unnerving. While no approach is bullet-proof, there are measures we can take to help reduce the risk of exposure. The body’s own immune system is the best defense against illness and disease. Parasites, viruses, and bacteria cannot thrive in a healthy host. Yes, of course healthy animals can contract diseases, but the likelihood of this occurring is significantly reduced when the body is functioning properly. The main focus of Bug Off is to provide just that: a healthy immune system.

So how does Bug Off work?

Our unique, proprietary formula contains the highest quality, human-grade, organic ingredients that help boost the immune system by supporting liver and kidney function which, in turn, helps eliminate built up toxins from the body. These ingredients help promote healthy skin and coat, support cardiac function, and reduce environmental allergies that plague many pets during the spring/summer seasons. The aromatic plants in Bug Off will help to slowly alter your pet’s scent, making it more undesirable to insects yet unnoticeable to humans. Preventing insects from landing on and biting your pet in the first place is the main goal. This method of prevention is typically a multi-level approach: oral as well as topical. Best results occur when we take a holistic approach and treat the pet as a whole, not just targeting one area. For even more protection, Bug Off is best when paired with one of our organic Bug Off topical sprays, and/or a raw amber necklace. Some even feed small amounts of fresh garlic with success. Prevention doesn’t just stop at a supplement or topical spray. We need to be cognizant of our surroundings. Keep your pet out of tall grass, where tick infestation is inevitable. There is simply no amount of natural or conventional medicine that will prevent ticks from getting on your pet in this type of environment. Check your area map to see where the hot spots are located. Check you dog for fleas and ticks after EVERY hike, or time spent outside (ears, mouth, neck, behind shoulder blades, under the chest, armpits, base of the tail, and undercarriage). Most transmittable diseases occur between 24-48 hours after bite. Store any removed ticks in grain alcohol, and take it in to your veterinarian for analysis.

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